Kybella is a non-surgical solution to banishing your double chin. It’s made from a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a molecule your body already manufactures, that helps you break down and absorb dietary fat. When Kybella is injected into the pad of fat under your chin, it dissolves that fat, resulting in a sleek, better-defined profile. And once a fat cell is gone, it’s gone forever! That means the effects of Kybella are permanent.

Who is it for?

Kybella is for almost any adult who isn’t pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s particularly effective for patients with a “genetic” double chin, rather than a double chin due to weight gain.

What is treatment like?

Kybella is delivered in a series of small injections directly under your neck, in 15-20 minute sessions. There may be a mild burning sensation, but pain is minimal. Complete treatment takes two to six sessions. It’s helpful to stop taking anti-inflammatories such as fish oil, Advil, and aspirin a week before treatment to minimize bruising. Avoid drinking alcohol 48 hours before your treatment. The most common side effect is temporary irritation or numbness at the injection site, with mild swelling that may last for 24 hours to two weeks. You can resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

What are the results?

It takes four to six weeks to see the full results, but most patients are thrilled with their new, sculpted profile. And results are permanent! Unless you gain a large amount of weight (resulting in the creation of new fat cells), you should never have to worry about a double chin again.

Before & After

Kybella Before
Kybella After
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