Mid Florida Dermatology & Allergy and the Mid Florida Institute of Plastic Surgery has an ongoing commitment to achieving the highest levels of satisfaction for all aspects of its users online experiences. As a part of these efforts, we are dedicated to offering a quality online experience at the website (the “website”) to users with disabilities that is full and equal to that provided to fans without disabilities.

Accessibility and usability have been key elements considered in the development of this website, so we hope you can find, access and use the information you need. This website has been designed to meet compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 which supports web accessibility to allow more accessible and usable web environments. This includes:

    • Navigating website using keyboard and screen reader(JAWS18)
    • Uses of descriptive links and images;
    • Adaptable to different screen sizes 200% browser zoom

Navigation using a screen reader

If you are using a screen reader program, there are a number of aids to help you find your way around the website.
Skip to the main content:
For people using screen readers, each page has a link that says “skip to main content”. Following this link will skip over the page header and navigation menus to take you straight to the content of the page. The page header and navigation are repeated on every page so this avoids hearing them again and again.
Search and search options:
You can search the website by typing one or more keywords into the search input box at the right hand side of any web page.
Plain and simple language:
We wrote the information on this website in plain and simple language so it is easy to understand for as many people as possible.

Accessibility Tips

To have the best experience of our site, we recommend that you take advantage of all opportunities to increase accessibility and customization that are available. The following two tips should help you:

How to Change Text Size
On most browsers, try holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling the mouse wheel (if you have one), or hold down the Ctrl key and at the same time, push the – or + key.
In Firefox and Internet Explorer, click the “View” menu, then select “Zoom” and then choose the whether you would like to increase the size (zoom in) or decrease the size (zoom out).
In Google Chrome, click the customize button (spanner icon), then select the plus or minus buttons to zoom.
How to Change Color Contrast

To change the color contrast on your entire computer:
For Windows computers, click “Start”, then “Control Panel”. Select the “Accessibility Options” icon, select the “Display” tab and select the “Use High Contrast” check box. Select the “Settings” button to browse different color contrast options.
For Apple Macs, select “System Preferences”, then “Universal Access”. Select the “Seeing” tab and adjust the “Display” section.
To change the color contrast of websites on your browser:
In Internet Explorer, click “Tools”, then select “Internet options.” From within the “General” tab, click the “Colors” button. Deselect the “Use Windows colors” checkbox and change the color by selecting the color swatch. Then, select “Accessibility” within the “Internet options” window and select “Ignore colors specified on web pages.”
In Firefox, click “Tools”, then select “Options.” From within the “Colors” tab, click the “Colors” button. Select the appropriate colors from the color swatch and un-tick the checkbox labeled “Allow pages to choose their own colors, instead of my selections above” and click OK.

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