Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that targets fat removal and contours almost anyplace on your body that needs contouring — upper arms, thighs, calves, inner knees, hips and buttocks, backs, chests, ankles, and even, to a limited extent, faces.

Who is it for?

Healthy adults seeking to improve their body contour.  Your goal should be small amounts of volume reduction and a subtly more beautiful shape. Liposuction is a sculpting procedure, requiring artistry and expert skill.

What is treatment like?

Liposuction is an outpatient procedure using general anesthesia. Small incisions are made in the treatment area and a cannula is used to remove the fat.

Plan a week off of regular activity for large treatment areas, but small treatment areas only require about two days of downtime. A compression garment should be worn during the postoperative phase for four to six weeks.

What are the risks?

All surgeries carry risks for medical complications, which your surgeon will discuss with you. Don’t take aspirin, Advil, fish oil, or other blood thinners for two weeks before and after surgery.

What are the results?

It will take months for your swelling to fully subside but you will see noticeable results in a couple of weeks. Then you’ll notice natural, but effective improvement in your treated area.

Preview the Potential New You Today

A 3D Vectra Imaging consultation allows you to preview a photo realistic new you. Available at The Mid Florida Institute of Plastic Surgery in Altamonte Springs. Consultation fee applies.

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