Common Skin Rashes in Children

Your child’s health and wellbeing are among one of our highest priorities but at times can be mystifying. A sudden rash can be scary, especially if you aren’t familiar with common rashes that often appear in children. How do you know if it’s serious and what do you do about it? These and other questions […]

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How to Clean Your Face According to Experts

As you are growing up, you are taught to wash your face and hands. Mom and dad probably held you up to the sink or gave you a stool so you could reach the water. It’s part of growing up; however, what many people don’t realize is that your face washing technique needs to grow […]

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Stress Rashes

We all deal with stress from time to time. Stress may cause many health conditions like a strain on your heart or stomach ulcers; but you may not know that it can also contribute to a skin rash, also known as a stress bumps. Read on for details on what a stress bump can look […]

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Eczema vs. Psoriasis

You notice a small rash on your skin that is somewhat irritating. Is it psoriasis or eczema or neither one? Do you treat it yourself or call your doctor? Here, you can earn a few ways you can tell the difference between eczema and psoriasis and when to see a doctor. What is Eczema? Eczema, […]

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Dermatitis is a broad term that simply means a skin irritation that can show up in many different forms. If your doctor tells you that you have dermatitis, you should find out what exactly is causing it, what kind you have, and how to treat it. Dermatitis is not a contagious condition but it can […]

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