Sculptra Aesthetic is a poly-L-lactic acid collagen stimulator, injected into the dermis to stimulate your body’s own collagen production and restore your skin’s structure and volume. Over time, as your body rebuilds collagen, you lines lesson and your face gains volume.  Sculptra has been used worldwide to treat shallow or deep folds between the mouth, nose, and chin.

Who is it for?

Anyone over 18 who doesn’t have a history of keloid or hypertrophic scarring. There isn’t enough information to know if Sculptra is safe for pregnant or breastfeeding patients. You may have temporary swelling, redness, or mild bruising (usually lasting under a week), but there is no downtime. It’s helpful to stop taking anti-inflammatories such as fish oil, Advil, and aspirin a week before treatment to minimize bruising.

What is treatment like?

This is an in-office procedure that takes about half an hour. You’ll be topically numbed and Sculptra will be injected with small needles. Pain is minimal, and there is no downtime. You can return to wearing makeup within a few hours.  Most patients require three injections spaced a few months apart.

What are the results?

Sculptra’s results emerge gradually over time, making the procedures results less likely to be suddenly noticed.   It may take weeks to months for you to notice changes because your body needs time to make new collagen. In time, you’ll notice that your lines are less pronounced, your skin is smoother, and your face appears refreshed.

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